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Celebrating 150 Years...


   Keystone United Methodist Church has a rich history steeped in tradition and desire to serve the Lord. Our church is one of the oldest organizations in Hillsborough County. With humble beginnings, the church began in 1868 and met in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Mobley. The presiding Elder was Reverend Coltier. Originally operating under the name “Rocky Creek”, the church was renamed Keystone United Methodist Church in 1885.

    Our official church building was a log cabin. Indicative of the times, men and women had separate front doors and sat on different sides of the room. That’s hard to believe when you see our wonderful family-oriented congregation now!

As our church continued to grow, a new and larger structure was built in 1914 and was later remodeled in 1955. The present sanctuary was built in 1971. To meet our growing needs, we added a new wing with offices and classrooms in 1993.


    We are truly proud of our historical impact on this area of Hillsborough County and we hope that we can help you share in God’s Love now and long into the future.

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