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Methodists United In Prayer


Did you know that KUMC has two sister churches in Cuba? 

The Florida Conference and Methodist Church in Cuba have had a long and close history.  Prior to the Cuban Revolution, we were combined into one Conference!  Today, UMC churches across the state have partnered with sister churches all across Cuba to pray for each other, visit each other, provide spiritual and material support, and build personal relationships.



KUMC’s sister churches are located in Mota and Pilon, two small towns in the southeastern region of the country within the Granma province (the bottom area of the light orange section on the map above).  The people of these communities are deeply impoverished with an average monthly income of only $20-$30.  They are, however, rich in the Holy Spirit!  The Methodist Church in Cuba has more than tripled since 2000 and our sister churches are no exception.  God is moving in mighty ways to spread the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ through these congregations.

The annual total income for these pastoral families is only $300.00 per year! Please consider donating to our Cuba Sister Fund to help these families. The awesome thing is you cannot possibly believe how committed, happy and full of the Holy Spirit these people are and what they impart to their congregation.  

Pastor Frank and his wife, Rosalba are the pastoral family leading the flock at Mota, Cuba.


Pastor Rodolfo and his wife, Luiska are the leaders at Pilon, Cuba. They have two young children.

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